Travel Club

Need a holiday? We provide Dream Vacations at prices you can afford.  As a member of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club you pay for a WEEK what most pay for a NIGHT.  Discover what our members already know [ Click Here Now ]

SG RESORTS INTERNATIONAL provides a Global Network of Gold Crown Resorts with access to over 5,000 timeshare Resorts i. over 100 countries. Members of the SG Travel & Vacation Club enjoy “member only” rates at prices so low they can’t be advertised.  Yes, our members save as much as 85% OFF what the rest of the world pays to vacation at the exact same resort including the Timeshare Owners who may have paid tens of thousands to own at the Resort. 

SG Travel & Vacation Club is a “Living Benefit” for anyone with a job.  After most people work all year for their Dream Vacation and SG Travel & Vacation Club makes that Dream Vacation more affordable and enjoyable.  Members have access to the Club’s HOT WEEK SPECIALS where members are guaranteed weekly rates between that are GUARANTEED never to exceed $398 and that is a weekly rate, not nightly. 


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